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About Us


Mission Statement

It is the mission of Apostolic Christian Publications to promote spiritual growth and religious training by developing, publishing and disseminating Christian materials, relating to the needs, purposes and functions of the Apostolic Christian Church of America.


Guiding Principles
  1. Materials and services provided through Apostolic Christian Publications (ACP) will be in accordance with and support of the Word of God and consistent with Apostolic Christian Church doctrine and practices as articulated in the Statement of Faith.
  2. ACP will be under the oversight of the Apostolic Christian Elder body.
  3. Materials and services will be made available to the entire Apostolic Christian denomination as well as others who have an interest.
  4. ACP will take an active role in helping to determine current and future publications needs of the brotherhood, and assist in the
    development of that material.
  5. ACP will make diligent effort to follow all copyright laws for any republished material.
  6. Pricing of materials will be consistent with a non-profit organization’s goal to cover expenses without a profit motive.
  7. Content of materials carried by ACP will be reviewed periodically to ensure accuracy, doctrinal integrity, and usefulness for the brotherhood.


Scope of Services
  1. Provide retail distribution for Christian materials sales
  2. Store hours for browsing and sales
  3. Website for previewing and ordering
  4. Phone or fax orders
  5. Mail-in order forms
  6. Online or email orders
  7. UPS shipping daily
  8. Maintain inventory for the Apostolic Christian brotherhood’s needs
  9. Bibles
  10. Hymnals
  11. Recorded music
  12. Other Christian materials
  13. Sunday School
  14. Vacation Bible School
  15. Bible Study
  16. Doctrinal
  17. Apostolic Christian authored
  18. Descriptive of the Apostolic Christian Church
  19. Reference
  20. Preserve availability of doctrinally sound materials
  21. Discontinued by the original publisher
  22. Owner revisions unacceptable for distribution
  23. Review potential additions to materials offered as directed by the Communications Committee


Website Information

Online Content

Although we strive to maintain current and correct information on the website, all information is subject to change without notice.


Website Ownership

All graphics and pictures on this website are the property of Apostolic Christian Publications. If you require use of them for any reason, please contact us for permission at webmaster@acpublications.org.



Apostolic Christian Publications reserves the right to refuse any order.





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