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Hymns of Zion / Tabernacle Hymns Combined Hymnal


This is a combination of the Hymns of Zion and the Tabernacle Hymns in one book. The first 301 hymns are left in the exact order as they appeared in the "Hymns of Zion" which originally was made up of a selection of hymns found in two books, "Songs and Hymns of Zion" and "Songs of Praise and Worship" as well as other selected hymns. Hymn 302, "How Great Thou Art" and Hymn 591 "When You Pray" are new additions and Hymns 303 through 590 are all taken from the original "Tabernacle Hymns". The Tabernacle Hymns included many of the same hymns in the "Hymns of Zion" book, these are not included in the "Tabernacle" Section.

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