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The Word of God


To say that the Bible is important is an understatement. Indeed, it is central to every part of Christianity. But why is it important? From where did it come from? How can you understand it? How does it apply to you? The answers to these questions are vital to you continued spiritual growth. The Bible is God's communication to you. You need to learn to understand the Bible and apply it to your every-day life, and there is no better place to learn about it than from the Bible itself. What do you measure things against to make your decisions about what is right and wrong? Many people are living miserable lives because they are confused about what guidelines to use for their life decisions. God gives us a measuring stick that is unchanging, the Bible. Because God is our authority in every area, we need to make sure that we know what His Word says, and strive to make it our authority in every area of life.

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